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Information abounds on the web; some of it is great, some of it is lousy. If you use incorrect information relating to your horse's health, it can seriously harm your horse.


Here's a short list of the best, no-fluff, no-guess, no regrets health information relating to horses.


The AAEP is the touchstone for accurate veterinary medicine, and its articles are free to you. Make them your go-to first choice (after your vet) for general health information; their comprehensive articles will be useful in pointing you to further research on a subject.


Arizona Equine Medical and Surgical Center is a large referring hospital in Arizona and has many years experience with nuclear scintigraphy, other forms of sophisticated diagnostics, and a crack veterinary team. They have produced a wonderful archive of articles over the years, so their web site is also a good resource for accurate information. There are of course a number of excellent equine hospitals in the country, and a few of them also have excellent archived information that you can use for the price of looking them up on the web.


"The Horse" is a very good national magazine, with excellent information archives. You don't need to be a subscriber to enjoy most of their resources, and it is a magazine that is not discipline-specific.

I have subscribed to "The Horse Journal" since its first issue. It presents its information clearly and accepts no advertising, and rates the quality and effectiveness of may equine products, as well as presents occasional articles of a veterinary nature.


Given the nature of information now available to all of us, the above is certainly a very short list, but it's a great start if you want to drill down through the fluff and inaccurate "information" that floats around the web.


Your equine partner deserves the best care you can give him, so make sure his health care has basis in measurable fact.


AAEP (American Association of Equine Practioners) - Ask The Vet

Arizona Equine Medical & Surgical Centre Articles

The Horse- Your Guide to Equine Health Care


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