This guarantee exists nowhere else in the horse mortality world - it is exclusive to Jacobi Group/ I, Ruth Jacobi, give you my personal guarantee that, if you are dissatisfied with your horse mortality coverage or service, you may have your premium back at any time during your policy period. All you need to do is cancel your policy the same day you request your premium returned. And yes, we'll ask you why, but only so that we can improve our service, based upon your experience with us


Will some people abuse my good faith? Of course. My overriding experience with horse owners, though, is that they simply want the best for their horses, are largely a fair-minded bunch, and know that they need to do their best to insure against the sorts of catastrophic losses that can accompany horse ownership. They want to KEEP their horses insured. I'm banking on that, you might say


I guess I shouldn't have to point this out, but obviously, if a claim has been or is to be paid on the policy, then this refund cannot apply - I mean, fair's fair, and there's something also about having your cake and eating it, too, but I can't quite remember how that goes. May the joy and sport and love of horses be with you always,


Ruth Jacobi

The Big Cheese


P.S. We ALSO guarantee you

  1. COURTEOUS service - we treat people they way we expect and like to be treated
  2. TIMELY service - all service requests acted upon within one BUSINESS day (This is a business run by horsewomen, and we close on the weekends to go play with our own horses.)
  3. IMMEDIATE binding of coverage upon receipt of your application by either fax, snail mail, or email when your forms provide us with all of the information requested, and the terms of insurance that you request are in keeping with mortality value guidelines. (see our guidelines for How Much Insurance Can I Request?)
  4. KNOWLEDGABLE service - we've done this a long time, and we've got it right
  5. EASY insurance arrangements for international shipment of your horse
  6. USEFUL payment options
  7. REGULAR UPDATES from us regarding your policy and items relating to your horse's health
  8. NO NASTY SURPRISES from a hurry-up renewal, as we send our renewal notices more than a month ahead of time
  9. OUR PLEDGE that we will always place your insurance with your best interest in mind


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"I have been working with the Jacobi Group for 20 years to insure my show horses. I also recommend the Jacobi Group to my clients. This group does an excellent job of finding the right insurance contract for the individual and their horse. Ruth Jacobi and her associates represent reputable insurance carriers and insure that horse owners know what policy would serve them best. It is without hesitation that I recommend the Jacobi Group to help guide the horse owner with their insurance needs."

Gayle S. Leith D.V.M., M.S. Diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners Certified in Equine Practice

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