Horses do seem to have an inclination to self-destruct at times. For ordinary (not immediately life threatening) illness, lameness, accidents, or disease, please report the incident to us at Jacobi Group/ within two business days. (An incident is anything that requires care that is not customary and usual well horse care). Whenever you call the vet for other than routine, scheduled care, then that is considered an incident. Even if you care for the horse's ailment yourself (eg., cold-hosing a swollen or hot leg), if the issue doesn't resolve uneventfully and in a short time, that should also be considered an incident. Err on the side of caution, and call us if in doubt so that we assist you to make sure your policy will respond properly if needed.

When you report an incident to us, we contact the adjustors and they open a medical file so that medical bills can be processed as soon as they are in. This also lets the adjustor track the progress of the claim, to prevent delays in payment. It is not in your interest not to report an incident, or to report it late, as medical payments will not be backdated beyond the period of time allowed by the company (each company has its own determination of timeliness).

Some people make the mistake of not reporting an incident, thinking that if a claim is not paid, it will just "go away," but if the unreported incident is still material upon your policy renewal, then it is more likely that your horse will wind up with an exclusion (due to lack of timely reporting, and lack of the company's ability to track the progress of the horse's recovery) than if you had reported the accident, illness, injury, or disease right when it occurred. In any case, the payment of a medical claim does not affect your horse's rate on renewal; mortality rates are predicated by age, use, breed, and gender across the board, and are not up-rated or down-rated for individuals.


Part of the service on your horse mortality policy also includes a 24-hour toll free number to call in case of an emergency. This is not the workday number for Jacobi Group. This 24 hour number is the direct number for the adjustor, and you will reach someone at any time of day or night; if it is after hours, you will leave a message with the operator and receive a call back within minutes. This is the number to call if your horse is experiencing an emergency, is in a bad way, or requiring euthanasia. In all cases, first get veterinary care for the horse, and then make the call. Your emergency number is prominent at the top of your original binder from Jacobi Group, and is also prominent on your policy on the page where your address appears. In addition, we attach an emergency card (titled WARNING) with your policy delivery, and you may print this "warning" page out and keep it in your trailer, towing vehicle, or barn, and make sure to give it to the manager of your boarding facility so that they have the information when you are not personally available.




Haflinger mare & foal


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"We have been clients of Ruth/Jacobi Group for more than 8 years, and have been pleased with the prompt, efficient manner in which our claims have been handled. With the birth of our foal this past year we are starting on the second generation of horses insured with Jacobi Group. Wouldn't use anyone else!"

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